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October 4, 2018  |  Written by Somach Simmons & Dunn

Events & Activities, Fourth Quarter 2018

We invite you to catch up with Somach attorneys and clients through this snapshot of our press releases, alerts, events and media coverage.

Events & Activities

  • October 11 – Denver, CO: Sarah Klahn, panelist, “Perspectives of Attorneys on Groundwater Issues in Divisions 1, 2 and 3,” presented by the Colorado Bar Association CLE, 2018 Groundwater 201 Update, a technical and engineering program series.
  • October 15 – Riverside, CA: Tess Dunham, “Legal Update” panelist, California Stormwater Quality Association’s 14th Annual Conference – Connecting the Drops from Summit to Sea; this session will cover the recent wave of third-party citizen lawsuits against industrial dischargers and MS4s, including case updates, defense strategies, and best practices.
  • October 23 – Washington, DC: Alyson Ackerman, representing the Environmental Law Network at the Environmental Law Institute’s Annual Award Dinner
  • November 28 & 29 – Reno, NV: Stuart Somach, speaker, “Litigation Update on Texas v. New Mexico and Colorado; Sarah Klahn, panelist, “Water Rights Curtailment,” CLE International’s Nevada Water Law Conference
  • November 27 – San Diego, CA: Kelley Taber, panelist, “Perspectives on California WaterFix,” 2018 ACWA Legal Affairs Committee CLE Fall Workshop; California WaterFix affects water users across the state by proposing to construct tunnels to convey water from the Sacramento River to south of the Delta. Panelists in support of the project and those challenging it will offer perspectives on WaterFix and the many regulatory and administrative procedures involved along the way.

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Published October 4, 2018